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the experiment fart version EBOOK 11 :icongofenix:gofenix 138 8
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The game was pretty cool when I first started out...on action mode. Then after getting so far in the story, I was persuaded by many to try RPG mode. I did, and was a little overwhelmed by all the potential power (I lust for power very much. But being the deciding force of how an "end of the galaxy" war was too much power) I took many chances, most were paragon. I figured a smooth tongue would win more easily than the renegade method of sharp fanged choices. I was mostly correct, all except for releasing the Rachni. I thought that the Rachni queen would be like a godzilla kind of monster to fight the larger reaper drones, I was wrong. I was also wrong about the Geth. Legion was cool but I couldn't risk letting him download reaper intelligence, not when Tali is the partner I chose and letting it occur would wipe out her species.
The ending, the very thing that so many people hated about the game. I saw no error in the ending of mass effect 3, it's an rpg. Every rpg does the multi-ending thing whether you like it or not, and there is always gonna be things you aren't allowed to have based on those choices. The child was a bit of a stretch, but I sensed he was some kind of god taking a form that Shepard would accept, either that or shepard had gone insane from all the bloodshed. Anyways the ending filled me with emotions, not many game endings offer more than just short-lived satisfaction, especially modern day games. I've had the pleasure of playing through many games, and Mass Effect 3 is a fine catch. The enemies were, "notorious dick riders who wouldn't get off my ass and let me breathe for shit" and that made the game challenging. The characters each had full on stories to tell if you gave them the chance. And as for the whole romance thing, don't expect to get it in often if you make a relationship, the kind of guy who perfers trying every fruit should be careful. I decided to stay loyal to Tali, but broke Liara's heart by accident.
You Mass Effect fans shouldn't be so pissy about the ending. You and Bioware, along with everyone else who helped make the game or just individuals who have played the game, have invested your time, and money into Mass Effect 3. Why not find the better parts of what you ended up with, and stop complaining like second rate shit heads? The ending was fine.
Well I guess that's more enough for now. Let me know what you guys think.
Okay so there's this epic fighting game with really good frames, storylines, and characters.... But! It has a roster of only 8 characters!!! The game has so much potential! Along with so many awesome characters in the story that should be playable but since they had a tight budget and not many people heard about it right away, they never made the DLC that every fan of the game has been hoping for. Me and my friend have been doing fanart of the characters and hope that it helps get more people to check it out and buy it. Its only on playstation store, Xbox live, and I believe there is a downloadable PC version. The Game is called Skullgirls, and its a true work of art. It's extremely difficult but the tutorials teach you the controls so well you'll be making up your own combos before you know it. Please check out Skullgirls and buy it so they can finally put out DLC characters for it. Oh and I won't be online much for a while because my laptop has a bad case of "the shits" so I'll get my fanart for Skullgirls posted soon, and thanks for reading.



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hey, I noticed alot of people say things like fetishes are disgusting, and blah blah blah. But they're too busy trying to normal to realize I'ts something that comes naturally, everyone has a secret, so the people those guys are trying to be normal for probably have fetishes themselves, and technically a fetish can be anything so everyone should have one, even if its something completely random that they'll never witness. all I'm sayin is judge me for my drawings before you judge me for anything else. losers. and a thanks for people who appreciate my kindness and talent:)


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